Our approach

What may you expect?

A first, introductory session is free of charge and without obligation. During this first consultation the reason why you are seeking coaching can be clarified and Diederika can explain more about the process of Career Guidance. You may then decide if you wish to continue.

Career Guidance with ISCA (six or seven sessions) involves establishing a highly personal and unique Compass. An extensive analysis of your Motivational Behavior is made as well as a Personality Assessment (MBTI). For the MBTI multiple choice questions are answered. For the Motivational Analysis the client writes eight short essays describing activities he or she has performed with much joy and satisfaction. Two reports are provided: an MBTI report and a Motivational Profile report. Using the outcome of both reports the client will then make his or her highly unique Motivational Compass.

With the Compass and the outcome of your Personality Assessment in hand, we will then take a practical look at your performance. Why does a job or position suit you? Why may it not suit you? To what kind of things do you need to pay attention in order to be able to find work that (better) suits you? What should your manager or sending organization know about you in order for you to perform to the best of your potential? And also: how may your performance be influenced by working in a different country, in a different culture? We will try to find relevant answers to all these questions. You will learn how to make good, well balanced choices, based on your own Motivational Compass.


Where your talents and the needs of the world meet, there lies your calling.